Inclusion for Termrim on £560 million JV North 2021-2025 Framework

Published: 28th July 2021

Inclusion for Termrim in JV North Framework

Termrim Construction’s regional housing delivery presence has been further strengthened with inclusion on the new £560 million JV North contractors 2021-2025 Framework. The Framework is anticipated to deliver 4000 new homes across the North West of England, over the next four years. This will expand Termrim Construction's client base in the North West Region.

Termrim has been an approved contractor on the previous three JV North Frameworks, delivering new housing schemes since 2013.

Contractors applying to the JV North Framework were able to join any two construction bands and Termrim were successfully included on contract bands valued up to £4m and also the contract band from £4m up to £10m.

The JV North consortium comprises of 12 full, three associate and three procurement members who collectively manage over 125,000 homes.

Sean Stafford, director of social housing consultancy Saffer Cooper, which manages JV North’s development and Framework programme, said: “Our previous three Frameworks have seen excellent work carried out, helping members build the equivalent of three-and-a-half homes every working day. JV North is adopting the ‘building back fairer’ principle to this Framework and all work it undertakes to help create more rounded communities.”

A central theme of the JV North Framework is the Building Back Fairer principle. As well as developing high quality affordable homes to help address the housing crisis, the Framework is looking for united action with Framework partners to help rebuild communities by addressing inequalities, poor health and unemployment.