New Contract Award: Sugar Hill Close and Wordsworth Drive Regeneration Scheme

Published: 24th November 2023

Termrim Construction has recently been appointed to deliver the redevelopment of Sugar Hill Close and Wordsworth Drive for Leeds Federated as part of the Efficiency North framework.

Partly funded through Homes England’s Strategic Partnership with Accent Housing, as part of the Government’s Affordable Homes Programme (AHP) 2021-26, the regeneration of Sugar Hill Close and Wordsworth Drive will see a total of 70 homes delivered.

Earlier this month, Leeds Federated Housing Association brought residents and councillors from Leeds City Council together for a ground-breaking event.

The not-for-profit housing provider purchased the site last year with plans to replace its existing prefabricated Airey homes, built in the 1940s by the National Coal Board as a temporary solution to the post-war housing crisis, with much-needed affordable housing.

Most of the original development was regenerated nearly 30 years ago, providing modern homes on Shelley Crescent and Oulton Drive, with the remaining Airey homes on Sugar Hill Close and Wordsworth Drive the last to be redeveloped.

Phase one of the development is expected to complete next autumn with the first 10 homes allocated to residents currently living on Sugar Hill Close and Wordsworth Drive who have regulated or assured tenancies.

Leeds Federated is also working closely with the council to enable former residents who did not have assured or regulated tenancies to be given, where possible, an opportunity to move into the newly built affordable rented homes.

Residents will benefit from solar panels installed across the scheme, with each home built to high energy efficiency standards and achieving an EPC-B rating.

Gerry Doherty, construction manager at Termrim Construction, said: “We are really pleased to be working with Leeds Federated to deliver this exciting new development which will bring new and affordable homes to Oulton.

“At Termrim Construction we are dedicated to improving communities and the lives of those within them and we are looking forward to building these new quality homes and bringing them to reality for our client and the new homeowners.

“Having met with the existing residents as part of our contractor engagement sessions we are excited to have them join us on this journey.”

Kim Brear, chair at Leeds Federated Housing Association, said: “Over the last year we have worked closely with residents and the council to move forward with the redevelopment of Sugar Hill Close and Wordsworth Drive.

“We want to ensure the new scheme is a place that people want to move to and enjoy living in, and I would like to thank everyone involved for positively engaging with our team who are wholeheartedly committed to not just developing affordable housing but helping people to make a home.

“It’s great to see phase one of the demolition complete and I look forward to seeing the homes take shape over the next year.”

Councillor Jess Lennox, Leeds City Council’s executive member for housing, said: “Increasing the provision of good-quality, energy-efficient and affordable housing forms a key part of our efforts to ensure Leeds is a place that has opportunities and communities for all.

“The regeneration of Sugar Hill Close and Wordsworth Drive is a great example of how ambitious thinking and partnership working can help us achieve that aim, and it was a pleasure to attend the ground-breaking ceremony at the site.

“The council has worked hard to support both current and former residents during the recent period of change for this tight-knit community, and I look forward to seeing how the scheme now takes shape in the months and years to come.”

The regeneration of Sugar Hill Close and Wordsworth Drive will be completed in phases, with the development expected to be completed in 2026. For more information please visit: